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You are here:  » Travel FAQs » General » Tourism-in-Vietnam » Who are the Vietnam tour operators?

Who are the Vietnam tour operators?

Tour operators are the ones who make the necessary arrangements to create tourists' holidays. This includes arranging flight tickets, transfers, hotels, cruises, meals and other travel activities.

In Vietnam, there are Vietnamese tour operators and international tour operators. We at Footprint are local Vietnam tour operators. We specialize all the local arrangements for your Vietnam holiday. We specialize in cycling, trekking, cruising & kayaking, short breaks & city tours, package tours, and volunteer & educational tours in Vietnam.

In order to become a Vietnam tour operator, catering to inbound (internatinoal) travelers to Vietnam, one must have enough work experience and also a bond account (set by VNAT).  Please be aware, that currently there are  some illegal tour operators in Vietnam. Your travel in Vietnam should be one that is hassle-free if you book with a licensed, legalized tour operator.

There are not many international tour operators now operating local tours here, but soon there will be. We suggest when traveling to Vietnam, that everyone books their services with the local Vietnam tour operators so that your money will stay and benefit the country and its people. Please travel responsibly.

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