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You are here:  » Travel FAQs » General » Health » Should we eat out in the streets of Vietnam?

Should we eat out in the streets of Vietnam?

Vietnam has a rich eating-out tradition and a burgeoning street food culture. Most of the dishes can be made at home, but many Vietnamese prefer to eat out. Restaurants are usually famous for one specialty dish. Many recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

Restaurants themselves vary greatly. Some are just little stalls on the streets with a mini stove and plastic chairs. Some are prestigious family restaurants that have existed for centuries, operated by the whole family, with smoky walls and wooden chairs.

Even though street stalls or small restaurants seem closer to tradition and excel in taste, tourists who are not used to Vietnamese food should watch out for their health and safety. Street stalls and cheaper restaurants also take less care in food safety.

Nevertheless, try not to miss out on some of the local street-side Vietnamese dishes.

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