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My Lai - Quang Ngai Vietnam Information


There are some stories on Vietnam war and My Lai is one of the vestiges left. The destruction of an entire village by Lieutenant Calley’s men is probably the best documented military atrocity on record. The massacre occurred on April 16th, 1968. A total of 504 elderly, women, children and babies were mindlessly slaughtered by the 'Charlie' Company with almost no resistance.

There is a museum here, with photos depicting the series of events on this horrific day. The atrocities occurred over different sites within a two or three square kilometers area. Walking among the fields, you occasionally come across a memorial plaque indicating the number of people that died on that spot. Lieutenant Calley was later court martialled and sentenced to life, but only served three of those years. Following the US Supreme Court’s refusal to hear his case, Calley was paroled. My Lai is about 15 km North of Quang Ngai and could be a day trip there while staying in Danang or Hoian.