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Mekong Delta Information

Fast Facts:

The Mekong river is the world's 12th longest river

Estimated length (starting at the Tibetan plateau): 4350 km

Area of the Mekong Delta region: 39,000 km2


Floating market, cycling, fresh fruit and vegetables, local food, local homestay accommodation.

Mekong Delta Travel Vignette:

To think the Me Kong was a last minute decision when we were planning our trip is difficult to comprehend. This spot has put the true value in what Footprint calls travel. The delta of this great river has provided the natural surroundings and the people with so much aliveness and fertility. I call them “The mighty tributaries of life and culture."

After our boat trip and bike ride, the fresh fruit and best fish lunch I have ever had filled me to the brim and forced a welcomed nap on one of the secret hammocks I found at the local restaurant. 


The Mekong Delta is the bottom half of Vietnam's two rice baskets (the other being the Red River Delta in the North). This vast delta is formed by the deposition of the multiple tentacles and tributaries of the mighty Mekong River which has its origin in the Tibetan highland plateau 2,800 miles away. From its source, the river makes its way through China, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia and South Vietnam before flowing out into the East Sea. The Mekong's Vietnamese name, Cuu Long, means Nine Dragons for the nine mouths that terminate the flow of this great river as it is absorbed by the sea.

The people of south Vietnam are often very proud of the richness and vastness of this land. When referring to the rice fields in this area, they often say, "co bay thang canh", meaning the land is so large that the cranes can stretch their wings as they fly. Today, the region is one of Vietnam's highest producer of rice crops, vegetables and fruits.

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