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Bai Tu Long

Fast Facts:

Location: Gulf of Tonkin (next to Ha Long Bay)

Included as one of the Seven Wonders of Nature


Off the beaten track, Karst landscape, Cruising and Kayaking, Floating fishing communities. 

The Legend of Ha Long and Bai Tu Long Bay:

When the ancient Vietnamese people newly formed water was encroaching invaders. Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons down to help fight the Vietnamese. When the boats entered the enemy from the sea shore, dragons were spray of pearls and escape into the sea thousands of islands, forming a solid wall to block the advance of the enemy boats. Delegation is the enemy boats rushed, blocked suddenly crashed into the islands or rocks smashing together shattered.After the victory, Mother Dragon and Child Dragons did not return to heaven in the earth, where the battle took place. The location Mother Dragon landed was Ha Long, Child Dragons descended is now Bai Tu Long. Dragon tail turned white water Forum Long Vi (present day Tra Co peninsula) and long fine sand beach over ten kilometers.


Bai Tu Long Bay, located directly beside the world renowned Ha Long Bay, has quickly become known as an area less frequented by tourists. Although several operators do now operate in the area, the number of boats is dramatically less. The bay features are very similar to that of Ha Long. Karst limestone features dot the ocena area with tiny islands and small islets. The area is also rich in biodiversity.

A number of (floating) fishing villages inhabit the waters. An estimated population of 30,000 people live in the area fishing, as well as fish farming. Some communities have become involved with the tourism industry, partnerining with operators and acting as row-boat guides giving short tours of thier floating villages to tourists.