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Country Introduction

Laos is one of Southeast Asia's least developed and least populated countries. The mighty Mekong River is at its heart, and flows through most of the major towns and cities you will visit. A strong Buddhist culture pervades, and the sight of glittering golden temples and monks collecting alms add to the country's beauty, serenity and undeniable allure... More details


Laos’s lifeline is the Mekong River, which runs the length of the country, at times bisecting it and at others serving as a boundary with Thailand; the rugged Annamite Mountains historically have acted as a buffer against Vietnam, with which Laos shares its eastern border... More details


Landlocked and caught in the middle of Southeast Asia, Laos remains a country that is mostly untouched by the hand of commercialism. In the past few years, we offered a stunning array of Laos tours that travellers have been increasingly attracted to its beautiful remote landscapes, relaxed lifestyle and interesting amalgamation of French architecture and ancient temples. The country boasts many adventure activities, including trekking, rafting, biking and kayaking. As one of Indochina country, we set up a lot of packages which including Laos as the great destination into the tailor-made tours.... More details